Why Choose Us ?

Noble Recon was formed by director Ali Maktari in 2011. With over 10 years in the field starting from cable running, all the way through to installation, programming and project management Ali has worked in every aspect of the home automation business and is in a very unique position to understand exactly what is needed at every step of the process, and more importantly what a clients’ needs are.

It is this insight that forms the basis of the Noble Recon ethic

NOBLE : Having Or Showing Fine Personal Qualities Or High Moral Principles

RECON : The Act Of Studying To Obtain Information

Working his way up the ranks Ali Maktari witnessed a great deal of discord between what clients wanted and what they were actually sold, how equipment worked and what its capabilities and limitations were.

A salesman is only as good as the products he sells.  Experience with equipment is paramount to understanding its strengths and weaknesses and during his programming period, Ali would always insist on installing any new pieces of equipment himself so he could fully understand its capabilities before programming it.

Using the simple principle of verifying all technical statistics a manufacturer may claim to have, Noble Recon will listen and focus on your needs and design a bespoke system for you, highlighting all the pros and cons of what’s available and using our expertise and experience to create the perfect system for you.

Noble Recon is very proud to claim that every system installed since 2011 (over 100 installs), has met the needs of our clients and we have never received any service call-backs or client complaints. This is a gold standard that we base our business on.

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