Summer is now in full flow, which means no doubt that you’re all out and about enjoying the nice weather, spending time in your garden, visiting local parks and popping round to friends and family’s houses for barbecues all the time.

What it also means is that you perhaps need to be a bit more vigilant with your home security than you would be otherwise, perhaps by focusing on CCTV installation in Buckinghamshire for example.

New research from Lloyds Bank Home Insurance has just revealed that there was a 31 per cent climb in the value of claims for unforced burglaries between summer and winter last year. And, even worse, a lot of these incidents took place when people were still at home.

Senior claims manager with the bank Tim Downes said: “While summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and longer days, people should still remain alert when it comes to their homes.

“If homeowners aren’t careful, burglars can easily reach in through open windows and doors for small items such as jewellery, smartphones, and car keys. Taking a few simple steps will take the sting out of summer meaning sun-worshippers can enjoy soaking up the rays.”

You should always take care to shut windows if you’re not in a room, even if you’re still in the house. If you don’t and someone happens to pass by, spotting the open window, you could soon be missing a few valuables. Always check that your house is properly locked up tight when going out so you don’t have to worry and always make sure you tidy the garden properly at the end of the day to remove temptation for opportunistic burglars.

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