You may not be aware that October is National Home Security Month, when there’s a campaign to get people to think more about how secure their homes are and what steps they could take to reduce their risk of being burgled.

One of the things that the campaign is exploring this year is the rise of smart home security products, with a survey revealing that 55 per cent of Brits like the idea of having an app that allows them to control their home security.

And it isn’t just smart home security that’s growing in popularity, with one-third of people saying that they’d like to have a smart hub in their home that connects all of their devices.

There has already been a move towards embracing this kind of technology, with 27 per cent of those questioned revealing that they have at least one smart product in their home.

With more people interested in the possibilities that this kind of connected home offers, more households could want to look at how to integrate house alarms in Buckinghamshire with their wider smart home systems.

The campaign also revealed that there is a 25 per cent rise in burglaries in the autumn and winter months, so now is definitely a good time to assess your home security and think about how it could be improved.

Earlier this month, the Hertfordshire Constabulary revealed that it is trialling a new initiative using webcams with motion sensors to capture images and videos of anyone who breaks into a property.

The Clever Dog technology being used sends the videos and images to the property owner’s smartphone.

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