It seems the demand for the best smart home systems Buckinghamshire has to offer is still driven by home security concerns, according to a new study.

The research, commissioned by and carried out by OnePoll, found that if money were no consideration, a whopping 37 per cent of the people would choose to invest in home security – the highest amount for any home technology.

For those working in high end property development, this provides an interesting framework for choosing smart technology to encourage investment into a property, suggesting where priorities should lie.

The next priority for homeowners is hi tech remote controlled heating in their property – with 29 per cent saying they would look for this in a home or investing in it themselves, reported Hidden Wires. Only 12 per cent are interested in virtual assistant technology such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, but it is thought this number will increased as the devices become more widely used.

Elsewhere in home technology, from the 2,000 men and women who responded to the survey, 100 per cent owned at least one television and computer or laptop. The study documented a change in TV viewing habits with more people choosing to watch subscription TV and on demand apps over tuning in to live broadcasts. Smart TVs made up 39 per cent those owned, with a further 15 per cent saying they will purchase one within the next year, and 75 per cent saying that they will definitely own one in the future.

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