There are a number of reasons why people are investing in smart technology for their homes, but new research has found that safety is the biggest driver.

In its first Maplin Smart Meter, the retailer revealed that 56 per cent of people want smart home products for security, while 53 per cent of people surveyed said that the technology was also a good way to make their lives easier, and the same number cited saving money as one of their main reasons for installing this kind of technology.

According to the firm’s research, 24 per cent of UK homes now contain a smart home product, while 71 per cent of those questioned are considering buying their first or an additional such product in the near future.

Smart hubs, such as Amazon’s Echo, are the most desirable products at present, with 38 per cent of consumers who intend to buy smart home technology in the coming six months planning to invest in one of these.

CEO of Maplin Oliver Meakin commented: “If the current growth in demand for smart home products continues, they will soon become as common as smartphones.”

This could mean that more people start seeking help with the setup of smart home systems in Buckinghamshire, to ensure all their devices are integrated effectively.

A survey as part of National Home Security Month, which is running throughout October, found that 55 per cent of Brits like the idea of being able to control their home security via an app, indicating that there is a growing market for this kind of technology.

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