Property owners considering CCTV installation in Buckinghamshire are taking the same precautions as encouraged by the police, as one constabulary believes video surveillance is an effective anti-burglary deterrent.

The Hertfordshire Mercury reported this week (October 10th) that the local police force is trialling a new initiative titled Operation Stomp, which uses motion-sensitive ‘Clever Dog’ webcams to keep an eye on miscreants.

The special cameras – which have already brought one burglary case to court – are advanced enough to send automated messages and imagery to registered users when somebody is detected at the front door.

Chief inspector Gerry McDonald of the Hertfordshire Constabulary hopes the scheme will be rolled out across his jurisdiction now the force has secured the funding to spread the initiative further through East Herts.

“My warning to burglars and offenders is smile, because you will be caught on camera,” he was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

The Clever Dog surveillance technology takes stills and videos and sends them to the smartphone of the property owner if they wish to know who is at their house or business. The devices also have two-way communication, allowing people to communicate with anybody who may be in the house.

Police are using a programme called Hot Streets to identify areas with high rates of crime in order to best place new cameras in areas where there have been numerous offenses.

Installing CCTV systems could give car owners peace of mind as well, as fresh RAC research has revealed stolen vehicle crime in England and Wales has climbed by nearly on-third in the last three years.

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