While it’s easy to think that smart home technology is something that the younger generation are going to be most interested in, it’s worth remembering that it can have a range of applications that can help older people too.

In fact, fitting smart home systems in Buckinghamshire to properties who have older residents could make their lives easier and keep them safer.

The Star Online recently highlighted some of the applications of this kind of technology that are ideal for those who have mobility issues, or who are struggling with their sight.

It recommended features like automatic window openers, appliances like washing machines that are programmable from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and lighting control systems that automatically turn on a light when someone enters a room.

Speaking to the publication, Bernd Dechert, from the German association of electrical and IT industries, explained that this kind of technology could mean people are able to live in their own homes for longer.

“In the future, entire buildings will be equipped with sensors so that individual monitoring is possible,” he stated.

While this is a little way off yet, it’s clear that this kind of technology is moving in this direction, with the gadgets and systems on offer improving all the time.

In fact, Amazon recently patented technology designed for at-home augmented reality (AR), with VRFocus speculating that the company will use the AR technology to “add value” to its extensive library of movies, books and TV programmes.

According to the website, the technology will utilise cameras, computers and projectors to display an AR image on a physical surface without the need for a headset.

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