You tend to think that burglaries only ever happen when people are out of the house and generally speaking this is the case. Would-be thieves are certainly reluctant to target a property if there’s someone in at the time – but what you do need to be on your guard against is distraction burglaries.

Distraction burglars employ a wide variety of different techniques in order to gain entry to your house. Some, for example, keep you talking at the front door while an accomplice sneaks in through the back and makes off with your valuables. Others pretend to be police officers or tradesmen, so you do need to be vigilant and suspicious of anyone knocking on your door unexpectedly.

To protect yourself, always ask to see some form of ID when someone knocks on and you don’t know who they are. Keep the door on the chain until you can verify that they are who they say they are. If in doubt, call the company they say they’re from so you can really make sure they’re genuine.

Keep your doors and windows closed and locked if you’re not in the room at the time, especially at the back of the house so you know no one can sneak in and steal from you.

Also avoid keeping large sums of money in the house and hide valuables somewhere inaccessible and hard to find. If you can, invest in a small safe – or even hide items in the attic or under the floorboards. All documents with personal details like your bank statements and passports should be kept out of sight.

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