Home Integration

Noble Recon can seamlessly integrate every aspect of your home into one simple control method and unit, whether or not you wish to have complete access from your mobile phone, tablet, dedicated controller, or in-wall touchpanel.

But what does this mean for you and your family?

Imagine that you are watching your favourite show and somebody rings the front gate – well, instantly the system would pause whatever it is you are watching and change the TV picture to the video camera at the front gate so you can see who is there – if you want to let them in, great, hit the relevant button on your iPad or iPhone and the gate opens, the TV switches back to whatever you were watching previously and the show unpauses whilst your guest drives in.

Or for example it is a cold winters night and you leave the office, you know that when you get home the house will be at an optimum and eco-friendly temperature and driveway lights will be on providing security and safety to you and your family as they automatically adjust every day to turn on at dusk.

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