Home Defence

Home Defence is Noble Recon’s security package designed specifically to deter potential intruders to your home or areas of work. We firmly believe prevention is better than cure and everything we do is geared to dissuade would-be individuals with larceny in their heart to avoid from continuing with their course of action.

How do we do this?

Theft is a crime of opportunity and our job is to minimise the opportunity a would be burglar would have to your property. Most robberies occur when the owners/occupants are not present which provides the would be thief zero to little resistance.

Whilst it’s highly unlikely you will have somebody home all the time, our full package is geared to make it appear occupied even when you’re not there.

Using our smart lighting control, we can automate your internal lights to come on and off even when you’re not home to give the impression of people in the house. This differs from your plug timers in two distinct ways

  • We can randomise the timings of them and on different days so if anyone is watching the house they will not be able to obtain a discernible pattern.
  • We are not restricted to just switching on table lamps which is a huge giveaway – we are able to control any light in your property, internal or external to give the impression the property is under normal use. Imagine having the front of your driveway fully lit when dusk approaches and not just when somebody walks/drives into it.

As well as this we can also enable music to play in various rooms as well with the same randomness as the lights to give the illusion of occupancy.

A common tactic to ascertain if somebody is home or not is to ring the doorbell – even if you’re not home we can divert calls at the front door straight to your mobile via a door entry panel to give the impression you have answered it from within.

Coupled with our usual high definition CCTV cameras which can be viewed from anywhere in the world and fully monitored alarm service you truly can be anywhere and still feel secure that your home is fully protected.

Our services can include any or all of the above services. Please enquire at info@noblerecon.co.uk for more information and a free no obligation quote.

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