For clients, while the best home security smart lighting Buckinghamshire has to offer is a must for new, high-end homes, it’s no use unless the system is user-friendly. Complicated set-ups will undoubtedly ensure that the technology will end up not being used to its full potential.

However, with the likes of home assistant’s such as Amazon Echo revolutionising the way we operate the ‘internet of things’, the future of smart homes is set to become all the more family-friendly, according to AdWeek. But what exactly does that mean for how we look to sell smart tech to consumers?

According to Chris Neff from the marketing agency The Community, it’s about how we best pitch the technologies uses. That is, that these systems really can help make your life easier, rather than just being a novelty and a bit of fun: “Marketing that conveys this [concept] and plays to the notion of help and support will rise above the direction of entertainment,” he says.

It makes sense if you’ve ever seen a child interacting with a smart tech assistant – even down to Siri on the iPhone – as they find a lot of fun in asking questions and waiting for a response. And while being able to turn on your smart lighting through smart tech may be great to show your friends, it’s about how easy it makes taking care of your home security which should be given prominence.

The likes of Uber and even Dominos have announced their ability to be seamlessly ordered through digital assistants, so we’re excited to see what other goods and services get on board to change how we live in the home of the future.

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