A new survey has found that fibre optic broadband is the most popular smart home technology in the UK, with 32 per cent of the people surveyed saying they would be interested in having this in their home.

Research from Barclays found that solar panels were another of the most popular options, with 30 per cent of those questioned stating that this is a technology they’d be interested in.

However, many people are unwilling to fork out for these improvements, with 26 per cent of homeowners and renters saying they didn’t want to pay for fibre optic broadband, while 12 per cent are reluctant to spend money on solar panels.

Although many current homeowners aren’t so keen on the idea of installing smart technology, prospective buyers are more likely to want this kind of innovation in their home once they buy their first property.

35 per cent of renters who intend to buy a home in the next five years are interested in installing a smart security system, while 48 per cent would also consider getting fibre optic broadband or fitting solar panels.

Craig Calder, director of Barclays Mortgages, commented: “When it comes to choosing technology to invest in, homeowners are putting practicality first.”

If you’re considering installing smart home systems in Buckinghamshire there are a few things you should consider. Among them is which of the many smart home products you want for your household, as well as the budget you have for fitting any new tech.

It’s also sensible to do research on the technology you’re considering given that there are so many choices out there.

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