As pressures on police time and resources increase, so too does the rate of crime here in the UK – and now a new report from the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners has found that an additional £440 million is needed for 2018/2019 to combat this rise in crime and help protect the general public.

Such an increase would help deliver an extra 5,000 officers to handle increased local policing demands, as well as a further 1,100 officers for armed policing. Recorded crime has climbed by 13 per cent this year, with terrorism an ever-increasing threat and more complex crimes also being committed. But current funding arrangements for the police are insufficient to deal with this change in demand.

APCC finance deputy lead Paddy Tipping commented, saying: “The police workforce has reduced by nearly 19 per cent over the last seven years and at a time when the population is growing and the sheer complexity of policing is increasing, it is clear that more funding is required if we are going to deliver the right level of service for the public.”

Similarly, Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick has now come out and said that further budget cuts would make it harder to fight crime. Officer numbers would surely fall if more funding cuts were pushed through.

Police chiefs all over the UK have also said that their forces are having to drop preventative policing and strengthening community links in favour of becoming more reactive, responding to crimes and emergency calls reported to them.

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