The short answer to that question is yes, it probably can. According to research carried out among buyers in the US recently, smart home technology has become highly desirable among prospective buyers and could even see you gain a higher price for your property.

Inman recently highlighted the growing popularity of smart home technology, noting that the features buyers are most likely to be looking for are smart lighting, security cameras and smart thermostats.

In addition, research from a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Survey found that 54 per cent of the people they questioned would buy a smart home where the properties were otherwise identical.

The news provider also pointed out that introducing many of these solutions doesn’t have to break the bank, either. When you’re installing smart lighting in Buckinghamshire, you don’t necessarily need to go for the flashiest options, with Amazon Echo-compatible lights a good choice.

This involves replacing your light bulbs with “smart” bulbs that the Amazon Echo can communicate with. Once you’ve got those in place, you can use voice activation to control the lighting in every part of your home.

Smart locks, video doorbells and smart security cameras are just some of the most popular home security innovations, the website added.

Indeed, these could be a good choice if you’re hoping to boost the appeal and value of your property, with recent research commissioned by revealing that 37 per cent of people would invest in this technology if money were no object.

Smart heating was the next highest priority for homeowners, with 29 per cent stating that they would fit this to their home if they could afford it.

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