Private Residence – Retro Fit

Noble Recon was approached to see if we could do our usual home automation in a regular residence (3 bedroom semi-detached house in this case) without the luxury of it undergoing refurbishment.

The specification was to have:

  • Multi-room high definition video in both reception rooms.
  • Unobtrusive & discrete surround sound in the main lounge.
  • High quality audio in the main living areas which were identified as the lounge, the playroom, the kitchen and the garden.
  • Automated blinds which would open and close following the daily dusk/dawn timings.
  • Smart lighting throughout the property and in the garden.
  • Intruder alarm.
  • All to be controlled via iPhone/iPad whether at home or away from the property giving real time feedback on the state of the lights and the system.

As the house was currently being lived in by the owners, equipment and furniture would have to be tidied at the end of each day.

The first half day was spent on working out what cables needed to go where and the relevant cable routes. Furniture was moved, carpet lifted and floorboards taken up until we had the best route from all places of the property up to the freshly boarded loft – this is where we would put the central rack.

The next week and a half was spent measuring cables, drilling joists and feeding the hundreds of meters of data and speaker cable through joists, walls and across three floors within the house.

We had waited for a time when the owners wanted to redecorate the two reception rooms as there would have to be some chasing of the walls to get the relevant TV points to the correct places – a fireplace was also being built at the time so we used this as the perfect opportunity to come in and run our cables to the TV points.

Regarding the speaker cables and lighting, no redecoration work was needed for this aspect of the install and even the blinds managed to be wired through cleverly concealed routes to avoid any decoration work needed.

The end result was an automated house that requires little to no maintenance, automated procedures to help with everyday life and security aspects, utilising the lighting, audio and intruder alarm to deter would be threats or light the large dark areas surround the property automatically.

At dusk every evening, the outdoor lights come on and the blinds close and the system tracks the changes in times via a built in astronomical clock. The lights then go off at a pre determined time and on certain days personally defined by the client, come on in the morning during the winter months for leaving early for work.

The blinds open themselves automatically at dawn.

In the main lounge, there is a powerful and high quality surround sound system for watching all the latest releases on whether its via Sky, iTunes or any gaming format. There are high quality but discrete ceiling speakers in other areas of the house for entertaining or relaxing as all music can be streamed from any music service you choose instantly.

Any aspect of the home can be monitored remotely to give full confidence whilst away on holiday or assist with any of the controls for would be guests.

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