Chartridge Park Golf Club

Noble Recon was approached by Chartridge Park Golf Club to assist with the new extension they were building. The extension was to be mainly used as a boardroom that could either be split into three areas all with independent controls or one large area to have uniform control.

First and foremost it was expected to be able for customers to be able to come and use media devices to demonstrate presentations on the large high definition tv screens wirelessly or without having to touch the TV. Using a combination of Crestron control and user friendly Apple interfaces, Noble Recon designed a system for Eric Roca and his staff to use that was complex in design but easy to use. Everything is integrated to be able to be used at the touch of a button.

Fitting discreetly concealed floor-boxes under the boardroom tables, prospective clients can plug their laptops into the system and showcase their presentations in crystal clear high definition on one, two or three of all the golf clubs TVs including high quality audio to any of the zones.

The club has also been designed to allow for 2 crystal clear video conferencing systems to be fitted each allowing 31 participants on the call. When the golf club isn’t being used for business, it is being used for social events so it was important for the system to be flexible without compromising on quality.  As a result there is a powerful audio system in place for visitors to be able to either plug in their audio device directly into the system or stream it wirelessly from their mobile phones.  They can also purchase or rent movies instantly via On Demand for movie/charity nights.

For sporting events, 3 different channels of sport can be broadcast at any one time on any of the three zones (which includes the bar area) or the same sporting channel in all zones for the larger events all with powerful discrete audio via a separate audio system to help create the necessary sporting atmosphere.

There is scope to include two further high definition 3D projectors which were incorporated into the original design so should they need a 110” picture in crystal clear HD for the Ryder Cup or video conferencing for business it is achievable with no additional electrical or building work needed.

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