Now’s the time to consider investing in electric gates in Buckinghamshire and other home security measures if you have nice cars you want to protect from theft.

New RAC Insurance research has just revealed that the number of cars stolen in England and Wales has climbed by almost a third in the last three years, with London coming top as the place where most vehicles are pinched from.

Mark Godfrey, RAC Insurance director, explained that advances in tech like car alarms, keys and immobilisers did see vehicle thefts decrease but perpetrators are now becoming more advanced themselves and making good use of technology to steal cars and get around anti-theft systems.

He suggested the use of steering wheel locks to prevent theft as they’re a visible deterrent, going on to add: “Telematics – or black box – technology is another potentially useful weapon in the fight against car theft. We have seen several instances where we have been able to track stolen vehicles using RAC Telematics devices and have even helped the police recover vehicles successfully.”

You can also use telematics to help drive down your car insurance. A GPS box is installed in your vehicle and will transmit information back to your insurance company in order to measure your performance behind the wheel.

Your insurer will take into account cornering, braking, speed, consistent steering, mileage and the time you take your car out – which can result in lower premiums if you’re lucky and a careful driver! So not only will your car be safer from thieves, but you could save some cash as well.

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