Young people living in student accommodation at the moment would be wise perhaps to review their home security and invest in house alarms in Buckinghamshire to help protect themselves and their belongings.

New Direct Line Home Insurance research has revealed that around £25 million worth of goods has been pinched from students in the last three years, with one in four burgled while at university. Interestingly, campus universities emerged as four times safer to attend, with 80 per cent of thefts from students taking place at city unis.

The top ten most commonly stolen items from students since 2014 were laptops, mobile phones, money, bicycles, home entertainment like TVs, watches, photographic equipment, clothing, jewellery and locks and keys.

Head of home insurance Dan Simson said: “When even books often feel too expensive, should the worst happen, nobody wants to be paying a fortune to replace their stolen possessions. Insurance is a relatively small price to pay compared to the hassle and cost of buying a new phone or laptop.”

If you’re in halls of residence, ask for information on locking systems and the regulation and control of key duplication. Take full details of your valuables and note down any serial numbers. You could even identity mark your property to help police in their investigations if something is stolen.

In private rented accommodation, make sure you have good quality locks on your bedroom door and the main door to the property. Make sure doors and windows have the appropriate locks fitted and that they meet insurance requirements. And never hide keys under the doormat or beneath a flower pot – burglars are sure to check there first!

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